Why Fi the Hungry Runner? Well, as an amateur trail runner who loves to run around the mountains in Hong Kong, my body is always craving for good food as a reward after a run. Luckily my passion in cooking has enabled me to satisfy those cravings with some goodies.

On days I’m not running I’m usually in my kitchen baking away for friends and family with the company of my two furry babies (Muffin and Donut). My passsion for cooking is no less than for running so the time I spend with my mixer and oven is no less than with my hydration pack and poles.

Hence, Fi the Hungry Runner (or perhaps baker haha ;p)

I am continuously exploring new reciepes (or sometimes from other bloggers and I will definitely include a link to their blogs).  I would love to share the successful ones with people so that they can enjoy them as much as I do. Sharing is caring right?!!

I also love to run and travel and will share any interesting and fun places, restaurants, gear on this website.

If you enjoy my blog, please subscribe and I’m always open to constructive comments!

Thanks for joining me!





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