Don’t get fooled and scared by the term ‘brown butter’. It’s not a special type of butter. It’s merely cooked butter! But don’t underestimate this extra step of browning your butter. The end product is heavenily because by cooking (aka browning) the butter, the butter will release a nutty caramel flavour. You can use it for cookies, cakes and sauces.

I failed the first time as I cooked it too long and burnt the butter. So you really need to keep a close eye on it when making brown butter.

To start, cut your butter into small pieces and use a light coloured pan (i.e. not those dark cast iron pans). Put your butter in your pan and use medium heat to melt your butter. Stir it occassionally. Let the butter melt and cook until you see some small brown pieces at the bottom of your pan. From there KEEP A CLOSE EYE on your butter as it will brown in seconds. When you smell the nutty aroma and your butter is a little tan colour, turn off the heat and pour your brown butter including the little brown residue (which gives it all the flavour) at the bottom of the pan into a glass container. It’s then ready to use. I like to put mine in the fridge to set and use for cookies.

There are lots of videos on Youtube of how to make brown butter and you can find mine at :

Apologies for the poor quality as I’m still learning how to make better quality videos. Anyway, hope it’s useful.

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